10 Best Japanese Donburi



Beef Donburi consist of a bowl of rice served with beef and onion which has been simmered in a sauce that has a mild sweet flavor, as well as mirin and soy sauce. It is served with thin ginger pickles called beni-shoga. The most famous donburi in all of Japan is Gyudon.


With “oya” meaning parent and “ko” meaning childe, this literally means parent and child donburi. Served on top of rice with sliced scallion, the main ingredients are chicken and eggs.



A bowl of rice, topped with what is known in Japanese as Tonkatsu and is basically breaded and deep fried pork cutlets as well as onion and half-boiled egg. It has a salty and sweet taste.


Tendon is the abbreviation of the words tempura and donburi. Tempura is pieces of seafood and vegetables that have been battered and deep fried. They generally use okra, sweet potatoes, pumpkin and shrimp.


A bowl of rice topped with various pieces of fresh raw seafood. What is usually used as a topping is shrimp, salmon, tuna, urchin and crab.



Unadon is an abbreviation of the words unagi and donburi. Unagi signifies ell. This bowl of rice is basically topped with grilled eel, the eel has been prepared in a thick sauce which is soy sauce based.


Similar to number three, Katsudon however Sosujatsudon does not use egg. In place of the egg, there is cabbage that is thinly sliced as well as a sweet-and salty sauce.



Buta signifies pork and Butadon effectively is a dish that uses pork instead of beef and is served with a sauce that is mildly sweet. Although it originates in Hokkaido, recently Butadon has become a dish that is enjoyed anywhere in Japan.


This is one beautiful rice bowl! This bowl of rice is topped with what is called Ikura in Japanese and is seasoned salmon roe. For those who love Ikura, Ikuradon is the perfect dish for them to enjoy!


Being as chuka signifies Chinese, literally this dish means Chinese rice bowl. This bowl of rice is topped with slices of meat, stir-fried mushrooms, onions and vegetables.

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