6 Kinds Of Ramen That You Should Know About

1. Shio

When it comes to Ramen, this salty broth is perhaps the oldest of them all. Shio translates to “salt” and sea salt is likely the first type of seasoning that was ever used in making Ramen.

Usually, shio is made with pork or chicken as the base. It’s easily identified by the salty flavor of the broth and the clear yellow color. It frequently contains seaweed as well.

2. Tonkotsu

The word “tonkotsu” translates to “pork bone”. Made from boiling pork bones it’s a thick cloudy white in color. Due to the fat in the pork, it’s a thicker broth. It may be boiled for 20 hours or more to get all of the gel and fats out of the bone. Many believe that it’s creamy like milk.

3. Shoyu

Shoyu is a soy based broth that is clear and brown. Typically, curly noodles are added as well as meats or vegetables to give the stock a delicious and yet tangy flavor.

4. Miso

Created in Hokkaido, Japan during the 60s, this is perhaps the youngest version of the ramen family. A nutty sweet flavor it totally Japanese. It’s made with thick and curly noodles that are chewy.

5. Tsukemen

This kind of ramen is perhaps the most fun of all. The noodles are served separately from the soup broth. They are to be dipped into the broth. The broth is thick and robust and ideal as a dipping sauce. Keep in mind, however, that this broth may be a bit of a challenge for the beginner with chopsticks. Start small and work your way up.

6. Instant Ramen

A true ramen snob is going to tell you that this is simply a throwback to your college days when you needed something to cook fast for a meal. Ramen snobs may love it but it may be lacking when compared to some of the above-mentioned kinds of ramen.