Nutritional Benefits of Miso Ramen

Miso has become known as a potent superfood among health enthusiasts, but it has been a staple of Chinese and Japanese culture for well over a thousand years. Originating in China, Miso became popular in Japan some time during the Heian Period (794 A.D. to 1185 A.D.).

Miso is a soy paste made from steamed soybeans, rice, and other ingredients, mixing in salt and malted rice, and then set aside to ferment. Although traditionally used as a condiment, it has long been used in Japan as a side dish as well.

Today it has gained popularity among Asian food enthusiasts and health-conscious eaters, often being used as a thin soup or with the addition of the much-loved Ramen noodles for more substance.

Hailed as an incredibly nutritious food, miso contains many vitamins and minerals. Because it is inoculated with B12-synthesizing bacteria, it is a favorite of many vegans, who sometimes find it difficult to get enough B12 from their plant-based diets. Although it’s high in sodium, you can make a little go a long way toward providing the amounts of trace zinc, copper, and manganese that you need each day.

Among the vital nutrients miso ramen supplies, copper ranks at the top, along with manganese, Vitamin E, choline, lecithin, and isoflavones. Miso is also a protein-dense food, offering 2 grams of protein per 25 calories. This is another reason why miso ramen is a vegan and vegetarian favorite, as it’s an easy way to get in daily protein. And of course, you can’t deny that miso ramen packs a flavorful punch, making for a very savory meal.

There are many health benefits to miso. Some of these benefits are supported by current research, some are anecdotal, and some come from Asian tradition. Miso is considered that to reduce high blood pressure, aid in detoxification, increase brain metabolism, improve liver function, help digestion, improve glycosuria, and prevent constipation. Some believe that miso can reduce the risk of heart disease stroke, and cancer, including breast cancer.

One can also consume miso to help recover from fatigue or exhaustion.
So the next time you sit down to a hearty bowl of miso ramen soup, you can enjoy its savory goodness, knowing that you’re providing your body with a host of nutrients that offer a wide range of health benefits.