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Tamashii Restaurant- A Ramen Lovers Dream

Tamashii Restaurant was established in 2013 and was the first restaurant to bring Japanese ramen to the residents in Astoria, New York. Japanese ramen is one of the most popular dishes in New York. It is now offered in a number of restaurants throughout the city; however, Tamashii Restaurant remains a favorite among diners. One of the most popular dishes at Tamashii Restaurant is Miso Ramen. This soybean-flavored ramen comes with delectable toppings. Two other popular ramens are the Shio Ramen made with mineral salt and Shoyu Ramen made with soy sauce. If you like spicy dishes, why not try the Tan-Tan Men, a spicy sesame flavored ramen. This dish has captured the attention of New Yorkers. In addition to these dishes, there is a full line of ramen choices, including Japanese Curry, Vegetable ramen, Donburi (Beef bowl, Gyu-don, and Katsu-Don), Takoyaki, Teriyaki, and Onigiri. Each guest will be heartily welcomed by the amazing staff.

What is Ramen?

Traditional RAMEN consists of three main components: Stock, noodle and “kaeshi”. Tamashii restaurant brings the tradition of ramen to New York City.


Tamashii soup is made daily using whole chicken and 5 different vegetables which are simmered together for 14 hours. More than 3 types of seafood and medicinal herbs are added for a well-rounded taste and for better absorption of nutrients into the body.

Our Values

1. We use mineral salt.
2. We use tamari soy sauce, a special soy sauce that was reserved for Japanese royalty.
(No wheat addition)
3. We use hatcho miso, 100% soy beans that been fermented for 2 years. It is then mixed with 12 beneficial ingredients and fermented for another month to make our miso paste.
4. We always try to use the best ingredients to make the most nutritious meal for our customers.
5. Excellent customer experience.



Different kinds of Japanese Ramen

For most people they have never experienced quality Japanese ramen. Instead, they have only had grocery store, mass-produced low-quality Ramen. In most of the world outside of Asia the majority of people think of Ramen as a budget food and not something that has a high degree of value but people who have experienced Japanese ramen know better. They know that Japanese ramen is a true culinary art form. They know all the different types of things that Japanese chefs can do with it. They know that it is something beyond just noodles, a packet of flavor and something that you throw into the microwave.
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Is Vegetable Ramen Nutritious Enough To Make A Good Lunch?

When you look at Ramen and the calories that it contains, you kind of feel like it’s not a bad deal. However, that doesn’t necessarily make it nutritious. What is the nutrition contained in vegetable Ramen? You can pay attention to that or you can just add the vegetables. Of course, you would want to know that Ramen is a healthy enough base. It is a cheap enough base to make people come up with all kinds of Ramen recipes, but again, that doesn’t make it a healthy enough base.

Kara Veggie Ramen

Kara Veggie Ramen

Down to the ingredients, Ramen seems pretty simple, doesn’t it? People shout conspiracies about it, but some versions of this famous dish are served up in popular restaurants. The point is if you think vegetable Ramen with its small dehydrated vegetables is a good enough base, throw in some vegetables, your own spices and more.

If you didn’t think the Ramen itself was healthy enough, then noodles themselves are also cheap. You can buy any type of noodles you like, and then you can add in all the things you were going to put in there. If you are on a budget and seriously just going to eat the vegetable Ramen, then the points mentioned earlier need to be considered along with a few extras.

When it comes to the nutrition in vegetable Ramen, it’s not going to be the greatest. That doesn’t mean it can’t be part of a well-balanced diet, but you might not want to count on eating Ramen all the time of course. You won’t gain weight or anything because they are a little light on you when eaten consistently. While you don’t want to rely on them too much, I think Ramen is great as a lunch intermittently to eat something light quickly, move on and put more into dinner.

It might not be the absolute healthiest option, but who wants to go around eating the healthiest option? You can sometimes, and maybe a salad would be one choice. However, vegetable Ramen is delicious and isn’t going to pack on the pounds. It beats a double cheeseburger, chicken tenders or fish and chips. If you are on the go, vegetable Ramen comes in cups. You don’t want to take packages of Ramen that have to be cooked, but the ones with vegetables are only in the cups anyway. Don’t necessarily start a Ramen diet, but I don’t see anything wrong with eating it on occasion.

Kind Words

  • My first ramen outside of Manhattan and it did not disappoint! I’ve been to the famous Totto Ramen a lot in Hell’s Kitchen but I actually think this is nicer! Went here with my brother and we both left very impressed!

    Tom B.
  • Consistently delicious. The croquette appetizer is my favorite followed by the ramen. The miso is too creamy and flavorful for my own taste. Only $2 for extra noodles! This is a great local spot. Their location is convenient and they’re always busy.

    Annabelle D.
  • There are 3 things I look for in an awesome ramen shop.

    1) broth – must be flavorful and not too oily. can’t have hella fat chunks
    2) noodles – thicker and more el dente in texture. I like having chewy noodles
    3) eggs – must be soft boiled and running eggs.

    So my ramen covered 1 & 3 but I forgot to ask for the thick noodles, which is my fault not the ramen shop’s. They had it too. boo.

    Cynthia C.
  • I’ve been here for about three times now and Tamashi Ramen definitely hits the spot. Now only if they can deliver. Each time we go there the usual is the tako wasabi. My husband and I we both love the Kara spicy miso Ramen. The noodles are nice thick and wavy al dente. Very delicious to the bite! The chasu pork is yummy, filling and very substantial. I love the tiny piece of pork and corn that included with the soft boiled egg. If only I could fit more in my tummy I would definitely wanna try other items outside of Ramen.

    Sourivone V.