Ramen Noodles Can Be Made To Be Very Nutritious Indeed

What can be so bad about Ramen noodles that people tend to give them a bad rap sometimes when it comes to nutrition? First of all, think about all of the bad things that you’re leaving out if you opt for a package of noodles with spices and a nice tasty broth. Of course, you are certainly leaving out some good things that your body needs if you eat only the noodles and eat them often. However, no one said to go on the Ramen diet and only eat them and nothing else.

Take it from someone who eats one pack of these a day. They make a great snack or lunch, and in my opinion, they are quite healthy. They don’t contain too many calories, and I absolutely need my bowl of spicy noodles each day. You see, I add chili powder an crushed red pepper to my beef Ramen noodles, making for a very spicy lunch indeed. As a matter of fact, it’s getting to be about that time of day right now.

Now, I want to implore you to think about how Ramen can be an even healthier option. What have you added to your noodles before as far as other ingredients? I’ve certainly added butter to them, but of course butter isn’t a very healthy addition. You can add in all kinds of vegetables, that’s for sure. Adding vegetables would make them even healthier and more filling as well.

Have you ever added an egg to your Ramen noodles? My friend taught me to do that when I was younger, and she said it tastes great. While I was skeptical at first, I can tell you that it is great tasting indeed. However, I would mostly say vegetables and small amounts of meat would be the best addition, as well as any spices you might want to include.

It’s also about creating different tastes so that you don’t get tired of eating them. One thing about eating Ramen is if you are doing it in a healthy way and often, you’re also saving money. These noodles are very cheap, and that is why they are a staple on my grocery list and a daily meal. I eat plenty of other things as well, but that spicy bowl of noodles rarely gets skipped on a daily basis. It’s my lunch or midday snack, and I look forward to it each and every day.